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Advantages of Polyurethane and Polyurea Coating Applications
Polyurethane and polyurea coatings are high performance, permanent sprayed-on coatings that protect your surfaces. They are available in high pressure and low pressure applications and are suitable for industrial, commercial, residential, marine, automotive, military use and more. With our new high pressure spraying equipment, Permatech is able to handle any of your spray coating requirements.

Key advantages of these spray coating products:

  • Polyurethane and polyurea are more durable and flexible than rubber or paint
  • Flexible in all weather conditions; no softening in heat or becoming brittle in cold
  • Holds up in temperatures from -80°F to 280°F
  • Stretches 3 times its length without breaking
  • Waterproof barrier to resist corrosion, molding
  • Quick dry allows easy application
  • Protects high wear areas
  • Dent and scratch resistant
  • No chipping or peeling
  • Chemical resistant
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Polyurethane and Polyurea Products Are Proven Safe
  • Solvent-free so not explosive or an environmental hazard; no VOCs or CFCs
  • Safe options for potable water containers
  • Slip and skid resistant

Specific product coatings address both broad-spectrum uses and ones with special problem-solving attributes:

  • Basic Polyurethane: Bed Liners, Vehicles, Marine, Equipment uses
  • Flexible Polyurethane: Easily Milled, Transportation
  • Broad Spectrum Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Polyurethane
  • Broad Spectrum Polyurea: Abrasion / Chemical Resistant, Waterproof
  • Polyurethane Expanding Foam: Construction use for Insulation
  • Fire Retardant Polyurethane: Healthcare, Schools
  • Fire Retardant Polyurea: Healthcare, Schools, Industry
  • High Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Industrial Strength Polyurea: Oil & Gas
  • High Friction Wear Resistant Polyurea: Mining
  • Aluminized, Reflective Polyurea: Roofing use in Construction
  • Extremely Pliable – Transportation
  • Extremely Rigid Polyurea: Coating Foam
  • Moisture Cured Polyurea: Sanitation, Humid Environments
  • Potable Water Safe Polyurea: Tanks, Pipes, Food
  • Slip Resistant Polyurea: Safety, Transportation
  • Blast Mitigation Coatings: Military, Public Safety
  • UV Color Coating Protection: Fade Resistant Surfaces

Comparison of Polyurethanes and Polyaspartics  (Polyaspartic Polyurea)

Polyaspartics (Polyaspartic Polyurea)

  • Thin to moderate film builds (up to 15 mil DFT)
  • Zero VOCs
  • Variable cure speed
  • Quick return to service
  • Short pot life (20-30 min at 700°F)


  • Only thin film builds, up to 6 mil DFT
  • Vary between 0.1 lb/ga and 2.5 lb/ga
  • Slow to moderate cure speed
  • 24-48 hr before return to service
  • Long pot life (1.0-1.5 hr at 700°F)
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Permatech Coatings: Tough Spray-On Polyurethane and Polyurea Coatings providing high performance solutions


With a 3000 sq. ft. in-house spray booth we are also Alberta’s only fully mobile Armorthane coatings applicator. Based in Strathmore, Alberta and serving Western Canada, Permatech has the solution for your protective coatings needs.

High pressure spraying equipment now available for all your polyurethane and polyurea spray coating applications.

Polyurea Applications

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The following is an excerpt from an article published at canadianpolyurea.com

Protecting Calgary’s Walkway’s With Polyurea

As Alberta’s only fully mobile Armorthane coatings applicator with a 3000 sq. ft. in-house spray booth, there was no better choice to assist in this major project for The City of Calgary than PermaTech.

PermaTech chose to use ArmorThane’s STS-300 polyurea coating product for this project. However, on future pathway projects, they have decided to go with the latest upgraded product put out by ArmorThane last year called ArmorLiner. ArmorLiner is a two-component, 1 to 1, 100% solid, fast set, liquid applied polyurea liner system that works well with metal, concrete, fiberglass, and wood surfaces.

Polyureas are the ideal product for coating and sealing outdoors; with their excellent weathering characteristics and impact resistance, you can count on outstanding protection that will last and last.

They perform well in extreme climates and have a high level of impact abrasion resistance, making them work flawlessly on outdoor walkways.

PermaTech made use of their large warehouse space to lay out multiple walkways and apply the STS-300 in multiple even layers. ArmorThane’s amazing bonding capabilities mean that the product bonds extremely well even to wood surfaces such as was used in this project. To this day, several years later, the product is still holding on strong and has not had to be reapplied. In fact, it has worked so well, PermaTech has been asked to complete more walkways for ongoing and future projects.

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