Anti-Slip Applications

Floor Safety Treatments

Trips, Slips and Falls

According to health and safety authorities, every year many people are injured by slipping, tripping or falling, especially on untreated surfaces. Statistics show that slips, trips and falls are the second highest cause of reported accidents. Yet many premises visited by safety inspectors have not carried out a slip, trip and fall risk assessment.

Safe-Stride Non-Slip

A long lasting chemical treatment, Safe-Stride Non-Slip creates an invisible tread design into the floor surface itself, which improves the co-efficient of friction dramatically. As the anti-slip treatment is not a coating it does not alter the aesthetic appearance of the floor in any way.

As an original award winning process, Safe-Stride Non-Slip is ideally suited for treating tiles, marble, granite, porcelain, terrazzo, concrete and other hard mineral surfaces which are slippery when wet. The process can also be used to treat hard mineral bath and shower trays, such as are found in hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities where safety is paramount.

Food Service and Leisure Industry Applications

According to the National Safety Council, in the food service and leisure industries, falls in kitchen and service areas are the number one safety problem. Residues of grease and dirt compounded with inferior cleaning products found in many commercial kitchens can result in slippy and dangerous floors and workplace accidents. Safe Stride Non-Slip helps prevent slippery floors in the restaurant food service industry.

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